Local Communities

Local communities living in Bourgas, in Bulgaria; Odessa, in Ukraine; Guria, in Georgia and Tekirdağ, in Turkey (16.000 people in total, i.e. 3.000 people from Bulgaria, 5.000 people from Ukraine, 1.000 people from Georgia and 7.000 people from Turkey) will be the other target group of the action because of individual behaviour and people’s attitudes and perceptions are major influential factor with regard to littering and, in this context, consumers have a direct impact by modifying their behaviour. The combination of individual actions will lead to significant and measurable results in terms of the reduction of solid waste in the environment. Simply starting to reject single use bags in stores, use alternative cotton bags, drink tap water (where possible) instead of buying bottled water, discard your waste properly, etc. can make an impact on litter levels. Due to the important impact that individual behaviour has on marine litter, increased knowledge of the behaviour of individuals and organisations responsible for litter can assist with the formulation of effective policy measures to address the marine litter.