Students And Teachers

7-16 age group primary and secondary school students and teachers from Bourgas in Bulgaria, Odessa in Ukraine, Guria in Georgia and Tekirdağ in Turkey will be the last target group of the action (4.500 people in total, i.e. 500 people from Bulgaria, 1.500 people from Ukraine, 500 people from Georgia and 2.000 people from Turkey) as education is a powerful tool to address the issue which cannot be underestimated, especially, if it is discussed in schools, and can be more effective than strict laws. Since land-based sources provide major inputs of debris into the seas, if a community becomes aware of the problem, and obviously willing to act upon it, it can actually make a significant difference. In this regard, youngsters not only can change habits with relative ease, but also be able to take their awareness into their families and the wider community, working as catalysts for change.