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Lead partner Of the Action

The lead partner of the action is Tekirdag Namik Kemal University (Turkey) Partners 

The Partners of the action are:

  • Tourism Development Council in Nessebar Municipality BULGARIA
  • Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association UKRMEPA UKRAINE
  • International Association “Civitas Georgica”CIVITAS GEORGIA

Overall Objectives of the Joint Action

The action aims at contributing to overall reduction in, (1) the number of visible (> 2.5 cm) litter items on coastlines including plastic, fishing and sanitary litter items on coastlines; (2) the number of litter items per square meter on the sea bed including fishing related litter items on the sea bed from 2012 levels by 2020, in Odessa, in Ukraine; Bourgas, in Bulgaria;Guria, in Georgia and Tekirdağ, in Turkey.